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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I am not a golf member can I use the practice range or play golf? 

A: Yes, you would be able to use the golf facility up to 6 times per membership year. Each time you use the driving range or play golf would count as 1 time. A guest fee will be charged each time you use the golf course.

Q: Do you offer tournaments?

A: Yes, our golf tournaments include both social and competitive events. Our golf calendar is full of events for women, youth, men and couples, with women’s events played mainly during the week and men’s events on the weekends. 

Q: What is the dress code for golf? 

A: We ask that men wear shirts with collars, golf slacks or shorts (no gym shorts, warm-up pants or denim), with shirts tucked in and hats worn with the bill forward.  Women may wear sleeveless shirts with a collar; or, if a shirt has sleeves, it does not require a collar. Please be sure your children and guests are aware of the rules.

Q: What are the fees associated with a round of golf? 

A: If you are a golf member there are never any green fees. A cart fee is $25.00 per person for 18 holes of golf and $12.50 for 9 holes. Guest fees change depending on the time of year, but are $45 - $75 for an 18-hole round and half price for a 9-hole round.

Q: What golf programs are offered? 

A: We have a Women’s Golf Association that runs 9 & 18 hole events through the spring and summer, along with Junior Golf programs before school is out and a 7-week program on Wednesdays after school is out.