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Travis Pointe CC Simulator Room Rules and Guidelines
1. Clubs must be clean before play; any dirt or debris will damage screens
2. All Players must use provided golf balls provided by TPCC. They are to be left in the Sim when done
3. Please change from outdoor shoes before beginning play
4. NO Smoking inside the room
5. All players under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult Full Golfing Member

Reservation Policy
- The simulator booking will ONLY be available to Full Golfing Members. Guests and non-golf members must be accompanied by a Full Golfing Member.
- Tee times will be available in the same fashion as the golf course. Times will open 7 days in advance.
- A single user will be limited to a maximum of 1 hour, - Maximum reservation length is 3 hours (2+ players)
- All simulator sessions begin and end at the time of reservation, not based on arrival. Tee times are 15 minutes apart to allow for players to gather their belongings and exit prior to the next time.
- Proper Club House appropriate attire is required in accordance with the TPCC Rules & Regulations.
- Facility is open using Open Path system (like gym entry) 24 hours a day. Tee times will be needed at all times to aid in tracking play.

How to book a tee time
Using the TPCC mobile app or website: Log in and click on the Golf header and select Tee Times on the drop box. From the Tee Time page, at the bottom, under Golf Courses, Choose Sim 1 (front sim at entrance) or Sim 2 (back sim), Select the time you would like and how long you would like to book. Enter your name and all players in your group, if you are bringing guest, list their names. Tee times are blocked 15 minutes between each. This allows for players to collect their belongings and exit prior to the next time.

Hourly Rate: $40 per hour (cost is divided by the number of players. Ex: 4 players, $10 each/hour)
Non-Golf Member/Guest Fee: $10 per hour (fee is in addition to the hourly rate)

Golf Lessons
- Rocky Mullendore, PGA Head Golf Professional: $120 (includes simulator fee)
- Grant Johnson, Andrew Volk, Assistant Professionals: $100 (includes simulator fee