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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have unaccompanied guests at the club?
A: Yes, you can have as many guests as you would like, however, the same individual guest can only use the club's recreational amenities six times in a membership year.
Q: How do I make arrangements for my guest?
A: Simply call a member of the management team and make the tee time, tennis court, fitness facility or pool reservation for the day and pay the appropriate guest fees. If your guest is going to use the facility for an extended visit, arrangements must be made through the general manager or director of membership. Certain restrictions may apply.
Q: Can I bring a guest to the dining room for more than six times?
A: Yes, you can bring a guest as often as you like to the dining rooms. Charges can be placed on your account or paid by credit card. All food and beverage charges apply to your food and beverage minimum.
Q: Can I have unaccompanied guests in the dining room?
A: Yes, all food and beverage charges are applied to your food and beverage minimum.
Q: What is the dress code at the club?
A: Generally speaking, it is "country club casual," but there is a dress code for each area in the club. The specific requirements are listed under the frequently asked questions for each recreational amenity.
Q: Are jeans allowed in the clubhouse?
A: Jeans are allowed everywhere,except the golf course.  Some eventes have a dresscode and it will be advertised in advance of the event.
Q: Does the club have a food and beverage minimum?
A: Yes, the food and beverage minimum is the same for all membership categories and is $400.00 per calendar quarter. All food and beverage sales apply to the minimum.
Q: Can I use recreational amenities that are not included in my membership?
A: Yes, you are allowed to use the recreational amenities not included in your membership six times in a membership year and pay the appropriate guest fees.
Q: What is the membership year?
A: The membership year is May 1st through April 30th.
Q: When do I commit to the initiation fee?
A: With our 12-month Introductory Membership, you have the option to join the club as a full member or resign your membership at the end of the 12 month introductory period. If you choose to become a full member, you commit to paying the initiation fee at that time. Please refer to the fee schedule for detailed information and payment options.
Q: Can the club assess me as a member?
A: Yes, there are two situations where the club can assess the membership. First, the board is required to assess the membership for any operational shortfall. Second, the club can assess the membership for capital projects exceeding $250,000, but only after a vote by two thirds of the membership approving the project. 
Q: What capital improvements has the club made recently?
A: The carpet in the lobby has been replaced and repainted.  The sofas, loveseats, and chairs have been reupholstered, and window seats have been added.  The club has also replaced the bar stools.
Q: We have children. Are there age restrictions for children using the various areas of the club?
A: Yes, we are a family-oriented club and love having children enjoy the amenities, but do have some age restrictions for their safety. Please refer to the club rules and regulations for more details.