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Tiger Sharks


What Is A Tiger Shark?

The Tiger Shark is a powerful fish that swims extremely fast when attacking its prey. The Tiger Shark can be found in many different habitats ranging from the Pacific Oceans of Australia, to the small lagoons of South Africa. Other clubs BEWARE, for the Travis Pointe Tiger Sharks are near!!

The Tiger Sharks teams provide swimmers and divers with an opportunity to be competitive in their sport, while training in a positive, fun, outdoor atmosphere. Regular practice begins in early June and continues through W.I.S.C. Championships at the end of July. Swimmers and divers ages 17 and under are welcome to participate!

Award-Winning Swimming & Diving ProgramTiger Shark

Our objective at Travis Pointe is to promote a safe and positive learning environment for all areas of aquatics! We offer a vast range of aquatic programming, which caters to all age groups and ability levels.

Our award-winning swimming and diving program is one of the finest programs found at any country club in Southeast Michigan. Our swimmers and divers in all age categories consistently rank at or near the top in their perspective age groups in local and state meets.

At the core of the swimming and diving program, is the Travis Pointe Tiger Sharks Swim and Dive Team. In addition to the competitive team, we offer an extensive swim lesson program, swim and dive clinics, and private/semi-private swim and dive lessons. All of these programs are available to adults and children of all ages and ability levels. We offer a separate Tiger Shark Membership for children 18 and younger who want to participate on the Swim and/or Dive Team. This in not a full Club membership, but does allow the Tiger Shark to practice with the team and participate in meets.

Tiger Shark Info Brochure