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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: May I bring in my own food to the Club for an event?

A: With the exception of cakes, all food and beverage items consumed on Club property must be purchased from the Club unless prior approval is received from the general manager. For special requests, our executive chef can assist you with your needs.

Q: Do I have to be a member to have an event at the Club? 

A: No, but we request that you have a sponsor. The management staff can assist you in securing a sponsor should you need one.

Q: If I am not a member and have a sponsor, what is my next step? 

A: Please have the sponsoring member contact the clubhouse manager or banquet manager to let us know their intent of sponsoring your event. Once that process is complete, you may plan your event with our staff without a sponsor.

Q: I have a 7 and 9 year old. What are my options for dining? 

A: Children are welcome in all dining areas, however, they must be 10 years or older to dine in the 19th Hole.

Q: Can I use cash to pay for my dining purchases? 

A: All purchases should go on your account or be paid for by credit card. Cash is not accepted for Clubhouse food and services. 

Q: What is the Club’s tipping policy?   

A: An 18% service charge is automatically added to all food and beverage charges if a member does not add a tip to the check. Tipping is permitted and encouraged for special services provided by all men's and ladies' locker room, coat check, golf bag and valet parking attendants. 

Q: What is the proper attire for the Club? 

A: Travis Pointe Country Club dress standards lean towards casual resort wear rather than formality, and we kindly ask our members to keep this in mind. Since the dress code has become more comfortable, it seems necessary to ask all members to please be considerate of each other when dressing for dining. We want to make sure that all dining experiences are positive ones. The principle of comfort but smart should allow our members and their guests to determine that clothing such as tattered, unclean, and sloppy dress is not acceptable at the club.

Members are responsible for the attire of their guests and should inform them of the dress code requirements before their arrival at the club. We hope the following guidelines will assist in making time spent at the club as comfortable and pleasurable as possible for you, your family and guests.

  Allowed Dress in the Clubhouse
- Country club casual attire is permitted, including tennis and golf attire, modest athleisure apparel and clean, smart denim.
- Reasonable length shorts are acceptable.
-  Caps and hats are acceptable throughout the clubhouse and in the dining rooms, but caps should be worn forward.
-  Neat and quality open-toed shoes (such as thong sandals) are allowed throughout the clubhouse and in the dining rooms.
- Special events may require relaxed, business casual or formal attire. Dress code requirements for each event will be communicated in the advertisement or promotion of each event.
- Blouses and/or shirts must be tucked in unless designed to be worn untucked.

Q: What is the Club’s cell phone policy? 

A: Use of cell phones and electronic devices are permitted throughout the club; however, as a courtesy to other members, please have them on silent (including for video playback). This includes all children’s play electronics.  Earphones are allowed and encouraged.  If you must take or make a call in the dining room, please excuse yourself to the lobby while the call is in progress.